Heroineburgh takes place in a science-based universe. A rare handful of people across the planet have already developed superhuman powers due to a process called epigenetics, whereby physiology can be augmented through willpower amplifying genetic expression. These people are dubbed “epihumans” by the scientists of the day. One night above the skies of Pittsburgh, an unusual meteor explodes, releasing a massive wave of dark energy that activates dormant epigenes in hundreds of citizens. These people develop various powers based on their own desires and interests. The dark energy exhibits a proclivity for the XX chromosome, so the majority of the new superpowered beings are female. 

Many decide to use their powers for selfish or nefarious purposes or don’t know how to control or harness them. About a dozen women – randomly emerging from various neighborhoods, professions, ethnicities and sexual orientations – resolve to use their powers to benefit society, and become the superheroines of Pittsburgh. As their adventures unfold, the Steel City garners fame as the global epicenter of epihuman activity. The first season of Heroineburgh chronicles their origin stories, and how they eventually assemble to form a united front to battle those who would exploit such powers against humanity.


Heroineburgh was born from a lifelong enjoyment of comic books, superheroes, and science-fiction, and jump-started by recent interest in TV shows, movies, and new comics featuring brilliantly portrayed superheroines. Locally, we were inspired by a stage production called Pittsburgh Batman, which re-imagined the Gotham mythos steeped in hilarious Pittsburgh “yinzerism” but didn’t have any prominent female characters. 

These influences combined to set us on a course to create something that had never been done: a superhero action series featuring all female protagonists, set not in an imaginary city, but in our real hometown with all of its colorful locations and vibrant neighborhoods. I hope you enjoy watching these episodes as much as we enjoyed making them. This series is dedicated to my mother, a staunch second-wave feminist who was an unwavering supporter of women’s rights and equality.