Custom videos are special mini-episodes created, ordered, and funded by fans, using our characters.
You make the action happen!
If you’re thinking about producing your own Heroineburgh custom, contact us at to get the ball rolling. Custom heroines assemble!

(Actors are subject to availability. Pricing is variable depending on the scenarios. We reserve the right to approve all aspects of the production, and we make the videos available for purchase.The situations in the customs do not necessarily exist within the official “canon” of the Heroineburgh universe)

Turning The Tables: Sintilla vs Hellfyra
8:12 / mp4 / 600 MB

When the Drum Falls Silent: Darbouka vs Stellara
7:05  / mp4 / 499 MB

Parasite Rising: Dark Spectra vs. Zinnia
9:58 / mp4 / 712 MB

Mind Over Muscle: Poderosa vs. Pagliaccia
8:20  / mp4 / 572 MB

Carried Away: Zinnia vs. Henchmen
6:57 / mp4 / 474 MB

Stretched to the Limit: Sintilla vs. Dyna
9:00  / mp4 / 633 MB

Trance Muted: Vendetta vs. Mesmera
7:15 / mp4 / 503 MB

Eve of Destruction: Kaliyuga vs. Sintilla
7:28 / mp4 / 542 MB

Arctica in: Barbarina the Pirate Queen
9:37 / mp4 / 680 MB


Fenneca the Silver Fox: Unblocked By Bliss

6:40 / MP4 / 467 MB