Red Gina
Civilian Identity: Gina Garibaldi 
An aspiring computer scientist who develops incredible strength and impervious skin when she grows angry. Her rampage is quelled by Cybrina.

Dr. Shvitz
Civilian identity: Harry Switzer
Psychologist whose impenetrable force fields create a humid climate trapping atmospheric gases. His plans for domination are opposed by Gardenia.

Civilian identity: Missy Thrall
Heavy metal groupie with an addictive personality who acquires the power to hypnotize minds. Her crimes are investigated by Hellfyra.

Devorra: The Queen Bee
Civilian identity: Deborah Dronestein
An obsessive-compulsive patient who transforms people into mindless servant drones. She allies with Dr. Shvitz in a plan to ransom the city.


Civilian identity: None
A scientist from another dimension whom Arctica and Spectrina release into our universe, she is an energy vampire who must continually feed to maintain her physical form.


Civilian identity: Maris Solas
Lab technician acquires the power to make anything
she touches decay into dust.
Blames her condition on X-Machina, who designs
nanotech gloves to contain her destruction.

Greenfield Irish Gang
Civilian identities: Sean and Liam Finnegan
Enforcers for their boss who placed a hit on Officer O’Shaughnessy,
their plans are challenged when Fianna shows up.

Carlo Graziani and Bogdan Sejic
Civilian identities: same
Heads of the Bloomfield Italian and South Side Serbian mobs. Their operations are stymied by Vendetta and Devana.

Clockcleaner and Earthmover 
Civilian identities: Classified
Superstrong, ultra-tough mercenaries hired by the mob bosses to stop the heroines.


Civilian identity: Sarah Pentini
Herpetologist fired from the zoo for illicit experiments
with snake venom.
Hires herself out for criminal activity, opposed by the
activism of Savanna.

Quingpin & Dyna

Civilian identity: Olivia Queen
CEO of research at Quexxon Energy. Designs such
devices as the mind controller and
the power dampener. Used anabolic steroids to create
the mighty Dyna.

Civilian identity: Darsha Bukhari
Windpower technologist who becomes greedy under
the hypnotic influence of Quingpin.
Tries to sell her partner out, but is rescued by Jinniyya

Civilian identity: Dinah Crake
Meek scientist and inventor with fantasies of extreme
power. Becomes the super strong
loyal henchwoman of the Quingpin and battles the