Red Gina
Civilian Identity: Gina Garibaldi 
An aspiring computer scientist who develops incredible strength and impervious skin when she grows angry. Her rampage is quelled by Cybrina.

Dr. Shvitz
Civilian identity: Harry Switzer
Psychologist whose impenetrable force fields create a humid climate trapping atmospheric gases. His plans for domination are opposed by Gardenia.

Civilian identity: Missy Thrall
Heavy metal groupie with an addictive personality who acquires the power to hypnotize minds. Her crimes are investigated by Hellfyra.

Devorra: The Queen Bee
Civilian identity: Deborah Dronestein
An obsessive-compulsive patient who transforms people into mindless servant drones. She allies with Dr. Shvitz in a plan to ransom the city.


Civilian identity: None
A scientist from another dimension whom Arctica and Spectrina release into our universe, she is an energy vampire who must continually feed to maintain her physical form.

Greenfield Irish Gang
Civilian identities: Sean and Liam Finnegan
Enforcers for their boss who placed a hit on Officer O’Shaughnessy,
their plans are challenged when Fianna shows up.

Carlo Graziani and Bogdan Sejic
Civilian identities: same
Heads of the Bloomfield Italian and South Side Serbian mobs. Their operations are stymied by Vendetta and Devana.

Clockcleaner and Earthmover 
Civilian identities: Classified
Superstrong, ultra-tough mercenaries hired by the mob bosses to stop the heroines.