Welcome to Season Three!

Thank you to everyone who has supported Heroinebugh. The third phase of the narrative begins with the Heroine League at a distinct disadvantage, as the Steel City has been taken over by the ascendant Dark Spectra and the supercriminal women of the Black Faction. Each member of that evil organization now attempts to consolidate her hold over an assigned neighborhood. In addition, there’s a new meteorite substance called Drainium causing unpredictable effects on the heroines, and the deposed Black Faction leaders plot to regain their former status. Each episode will chronicle the struggles of the heroines to take back their city, as well as feature some surprising romance and drama. Don’t forget to return to Seasons One and Two as well, to catch up on the origins of the characters and their earlier exploits. Experience all the action right here, and don’t miss a single exciting adventure!

Now onto the official trailers!

Episode 22: “Changes” (Fenneca vs Devana – Three Heroines Uniquely Transformed by Drainium)
As Season Three opens, the ascendant Dark Spectra and her cabal Black Faction took over the city and divided it up. But the heroines continue their fight to take down their evil enemies. Fenneca (guest star Terra Mizu) reunites with husband Canis, but can she prevent Devana from ruining their heist? Meanwhile, Serpenta, Chlorina and Pagliaccia start a crime spree, armed with the Drainium meteorite supposed to make heroines weak. But it winds up having wildly different effects on each individual! Can the champions of justice use those results to stop their criminal adversaries, or will the physical changes be too much for them to handle?

Heroineburgh Trailer – Episode 22!

Episode 23: “Master and Servant” (Fenneca vs Indarra – Rise of Ultra-Machina – Capturing Vigilanta – Queen Bee’s Honey – Arogya’s Revival)
Fenneca (guest star Terra Mizu) and Canis attempt another score, but is Basque champion Indarra too much for them? Crainiac designs a techno-virus for Drake and Vaporia to defeat the high-tech heroines, but will it work? Dark Spectra and Dyna hold Vigilanta captive, but can she break free? Devorra’s honey makes her drones super strong, but will that stop Red Gina and Jinniyya? Meanwhile, can Arogya regain her heroic confidence with the help of her brother Ranjit?

Heroineburgh Trailer – Episode 23!