Civilian Identity: Marija Bielic
Neighborhood: South Side
Profession: Mechanic. Guitarist and composer
Powers: Combat Skill, Augmented Strength, Super Stamina, Tracking Senses

Civilian identity: Veronica Benedetti
Neighborhood: Bloomfield
Profession: Pre-law student, Former mafia princess
Powers: Super Agility, Augmented Strength, Combat Prowess

Civilian identity: Helena Brent
Neighborhood: Lawrenceville
Profession: Fashion designer. Heavy metal fan
Powers: Fire Blasts, Eye Beams, Demonic Strength

Civilian identity: Sabrina Walters
Neighborhood: Strip District
Profession: Genius coder/hacker
Powers: Cybernavigation, Electricity, Exoskeletal Strength

Civilian Identity: Rebecca Bloom
Neighborhood: Squirrel Hill
Profession: Teacher, Environmental activist
Powers: Plant Control, Nature Senses, Ironwood Fist


Civilian identity: Esther Fraser
Subculture: Gothic-Industrial Scene
Profession: FEthereal DJ and part-time barista
Powers: Inducing euphoric bliss via pheromones


Civilian identity: Arielle Kane
Subculture: Gothic-Industrial Scene
Profession: Darkwave DJ and healthcare worker
Powers: Darkness Control, Solid Shadow Fields


Civilian Identity: Dusty Riall
Subculture: Gothic-Industrial Scene
Profession: Industrial DJ and biotech researcher
Powers: Electric Shock, Tremor Induction


Civilian identity: Vanessa Luna
Subculture: Gothic-Industrial Scene
Profession: Synthpop DJ and masseuse
Powers: Light Daggers, Solid Light Fields


Civilian identity: Katrina Spector
Neighborhood: Friendship
Profession: Laser spectrographer
Powers: control of Electromagnetic Spectrum


Civilian Identity: Greta Bjornsdottir
Neighborhood: Oakland
Profession: Cryophysics researcher
Powers: Extreme Cold Touch, Ice Blasts


Civilian identity: Fallon O’Shaughnessy
Neighborhood: Greenfield
Profession: Rookie police officer
Powers: Banshee Scream, Augmented Strength, Force