Episode 14: “Red Pills” (Prison Break – Red Gina Captured – Arctica and Fianna VS. Sintilla)
Devious Drake and violent Vaporia execute the Black Faction plan to release the supervillains from prison. Which criminals will be unleashed upon the city, and how will the heroines respond? Meanwhile, an awkward accountant dreams of an exciting underworld lifestyle, and finds herself transformed into the mischievous latex-clad Sintilla, with the power to see into the future. Will Arctica and Fianna be able to counteract Sintilla’s crime spree? And then the Black Faction tries to capture the raging Red Gina and turn her to the dark side to work against the Heroine League. Will she succumb to their persuasion, or will Vendetta and Etherea arrive in time to bring Red Gina to her senses?
Episode 15: “Green Deal” (Rise of Kaliyuga – Gardenia Gets a Sidekick – Vendetta & Lunessa vs. Pagliaccia)
Dastardly Detective Drake of the Black Faction meets with rainbow-clad traitor Spectrina to turn the tables on the League. Arogya the Healer discovers corrupt dark-energy meteorites across the city transforming women into supervillains, joining Spectrina to consult with a geologist in Lawrenceville. Environmental defender Becky Bloom interviews an intern for the Gardenia Foundation who becomes headstrong sidekick Zinnia. In Bloomfield, upstart crime boss Carlo Graziani emerges to exact revenge on Vendetta with the clown princess of fear, Pagliaccia. What unexpected personified force of devastation will the meteorites create? How will Gardenia save her assistant from the clutches of Mesmera? And will Vendetta and Lunessa be able to defeat their fearsome mobster foes?

Welcome to Season Two!

Welcome to Season Two! We would like to thank everyone who has supported the series, as we move into the next phase of storytelling in the Heroineburgh universe. Each episode will chronicle the combined efforts of members of the Pittsburgh Heroine League as they encounter new superpowered threats and counter the machinations that their nemeses The Black Faction creates behind the scenes. Don’t forget to return to Season One as well, to find out how it all began with the individual origins of the heroines. Catch up on all the action here, and don’t miss a single exciting adventure!

Here are the official trailers for Heroineburgh Season Two!

Heroineburgh Trailer – Episode 14!

Heroineburgh Trailer – Episode 15!